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Phone Skills

On the phone

In Lesson 3, you learned how to answer the phone introducing yourself. Here we will learn some more useful sentences that you can use on the phone.

If you sound fluent when answering the phone the person calling may reply to you in Gaelic! If so, well done, but you will need a way to move into English nicely, for example, you could say:

Tha mi ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig, am faod sinn Beurla a bhruidhinn?I'm learning Gaelic, could we speak in English?

Below you will find other useful sentences to use in a phone conversation:

Madainn mhathGood morning
Feasgar mathGood afternoon
Feasgar mathGood evening
Chan eil mòran Gàidhlig agamI don't have much Gaelic
A bheil Beurla ceart gu leòr?Is English ok?
Tapadh leibhThank you
Tha mi duilichI'm sorry
Cuiridh mi troimhe sibhI'll put you through