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What time is it?

In this lesson you will learn how to ask what time it is in Gaelic, to tell the time and to find out the days of the week.

The Gaelic word for hour is uair.


Uair is also the word used for time when asking What time is it?:

Dè an uair a tha e?What time is it?

As uair literally means hour, it's used in telling the time too. Note: The plural of Uair is Uairean.

To respond to Dè an uair a tha e?you can say Tha e... it is...

Listen and repeat the examples below:

Tha e trì uaireanIt is 3 o' clock It is 3 o' clock
Tha e còig uaireanIt is five o' clock It is 5 o' clock
Tha e aon uair deugIt is 11 o' clock It is 11 o' clock
Tha e meadhan-lathaIt is midday It is midday
Tha e meadhan-oidhcheIt is midnight It is midnight

To say quarter past you say cairteal as dèidh...

Cairteal as dèidh dhà2:15 2:15

To say quarter to you say cairteal gu...

Cairteal gu còig4:45 4:45

To say half past you say leth uair as dèidh...

Leth uair as dèidh sia6:30 6:30